Termites. We know how just the thought of it can send shivers down the spine of any business owner. Termites in your property can quickly destroy your investment. In fact, the National Pest Management Association estimates that termites are responsible for about $5 Billion in damage every year.

It does not take long for a large colony of termites to cause structural damage to a building. Mud tunnels (shelter tubes) and wood damage are signs of termite damage. However, termites are known as the “silent invader.” They travel deep inside of your walls eating away at the wooden structure without you ever knowing that they are there. An annual termite inspection by our trained specialists will quickly diagnose whether your building has a termite problem.

Our professional termite control services include everything that your property needs to reduce the risk of and prevent termite infestation and damage. We offer inspection of your entire property and a detailed written report of our findings. Our treatments, if needed, include soil treatments around the exterior perimeter and sub-floor of your structure.  RM Termite & Pest Control will also make recommendations for building modifications and improvements to reduce your risk of re-infestation and termite damage.

Termites are not a do-it-yourself pest. Professional termite control specialists ensure that your property’s risk of termite infestation is reduced, your property is protected and any active infestations are treated as quickly and aggressively as possible to avoid structural damage.