New Jersey Squirrel Control – 4 Things to Prevent Squirrel Infestations


NO!!!! Are Squirrels really a nuisance pest?

Squirrels are a typically part of the outdoor landscape in many New Jersey neighborhoods—suburban, rural, and urban neighborhoods alike—that rarely strike people as a nuisance.

However, as many homeowners know, once an infestation begins, “nuisance” becomes an understatement. Squirrels can become a dangerous and damaging force. Once they enter a home, they will nest, gnaw, and chew; everything in site is a possible target for squirrels, especially insulation, wiring, plumbing, and home structures.

4 Things for Squirrel Prevention

  1. The first and most important step that homeowners can take to prevent an infestation; home owners should secure mesh to any openings, and prevent squirrels from accessing their roof.
  2. Siding must be intact; any broken siding should be repaired.
  3. Branches should be trimmed back or removed to make access more difficult. Home owners should also consider discontinuing the use of bird feeders.
  4. Gardens should be contained with mesh to deter the animals from feeding on them.

Controlling and eliminating a squirrel infestation can be challenging; many species are protected, which makes harming them illegal.

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