Rodent Control


Rodent infestations in our New Jersey and Pennsylvania homes are a common occurrence. The rodents most likely to invade are the house mouse, the Norway rat and the roof rat. Besides being just a nuisance, rodents can carry ticks and fleas into our home that put us at increased risk of developing Lyme or other tick-related illness. Their droppings carry disease and can trigger allergies or asthma in children. Their constant gnawing can damage areas of our home like our baseboards, insulation and more. They are also known to gnaw on the electrical wires in our home and are believed to be the cause of up to 25% of unexplained house fires across the United States!

RM Termite & Pest Control understands how frustrating and upsetting a rodent infestation can be in your home. We will work with you to quickly and effectively control the population, clean the droppings and prevent them from re-entering your home.