Mole Control


Moles are a pest and a threat to your lawn and property. They do not hibernate but are active and a threat to your property year round. Moles are considered insectivores and are really not a rodent. They feed mainly on insects, grubs and earthworms living in your lawn. They are known for their incredibly high metabolism and eat 80-100% of their body weight each day.

They will typically live alone, except for reproduction purposes. Their expected life span is approximately 2-3 years. After one mole dies a new mole may find and move into the existing tunnels. The significant damage occurs to your lawn due to this tunnelling underground to locate food. They can move rapidly through existing tunnel systems underground but can also create up to 100 feet of new tunnels in a day! This activity causes extensive lawn and landscape damage.


Do-It-Yourself Measures for Mole Control

Home remedies to control moles have been around for years. Moles can be quite frustrating for a homeowner and often times they are driven to try just about anything to rid the moles from their property. Home remedies like pouring liquid Drano down mole tunnels, moth balls, bleach and even explosives, can be very expensive, damaging to your property, dangerous to you and are most often an ineffective means of control. Furthermore, when do-it-yourself remedies fail it allows more time for the mole to establish itself underground, further expanding their tunnels.

Proper mole control is best left to a professional who will clearly identify the type of tunnel system involved and create a unique service plan tailored to the specific nuances of the tunnel type(s) on your property. Here is some information about the different types of tunnels that moles will build underground:

Primary Run

Generally long and relatively straight tunnels that can be frequented by a mole as many as 3 times a day.

Exploratory Run

Generally spiderweb-like in shape and are often abandoned after digging. These are used to identify new feeding areas.

Deep Tunnels

Often found up to 3 feet underground and can also comprise a mole’s living areas, food storage and latrine area.

Know when to call a professional

Mole control is best left to the professionals. Wasting time with home remedies is rarely effective and allows the mole(s) to bury themselves even further into their tunnels causing even further damage to you property. We serve most of New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania, visit our Service Area for complete details.