New Jersey Termite Exterminator – What to look for to discover the Silent Invaders

Taking care of a termite problem promptly is important. An individual termite may be small, but with an average subterranean termite colony having 200,000 members, the damage they generate can be tremendous.

Termites are referred to as “silent invaders” and can be present in your home without you ever knowing it. They often don’t reveal themselves until a real estate transaction occurs and a termite inspection is required. If a homeowner has termites and experiences a termite swarm he should consider himself lucky to have discovered their presence.

Here are a few ways to see if you have termites around your home

  1. Evidence of a termite swarm will typically happen in the spring when a homeowner will notice either swarms of insects inside of his home.
  2. It is also possible to discover a pile of termites shed wings on the ground, usually on a lower level of a home. 
  3. In New Jersey, subterranean termites termites live underneath the concrete foundation of your building and build tubes of mud through the concrete and into the structure’s wood. You may notice mud tubes as wide as a pencil in the exposed wood of your building, especially in lower levels such as a basement or in damp areas around windows.
  4. You may actually see the whitish colored termites within the mud tunnels if you chip away some of the mud from the tunnel. During the spring and again in the fall, you may notice flying termites around your property or inside of your structure (referred to as a swarm).

Removing termite colonies requires an experienced pest professional. Termites are not a do-it-yourself pest. Call RM Termite and Pest Control today or click here to request a FREE Termite Estimate