New Jersey Termite Exterminator – Talks Termite Awareness Week

New Jersey Homeowners Should Know the Difference Between Termites and Ants

termite exterminator picture of termite

Termites – they cause millions of dollars of damage each year !  This week March 15 – March 21st is Termite Awareness Week. As part of RM Termite and Pest Control’s commitment to educating you about Termites, we’d like to post  several short blog articles this week.Our First in this series is about Termite Swarms…

As your local New Jersey Termite Exterminator, we see termite swarming activity during the spring months but occasionally a few smaller swarms may occur during the summer.

Termite Swarmers are sometimes easily confused with Winged Ants.

Look at the picture below – Can you guess which one is a Termite?

termite exterminator tip - difference between swarming termites and ants

The termite in the picture above is the top image. The ant is on the bottom.

Termite Exterminator Tip – Here’s how to tell the difference:


  • Termites:  Termites have two distinct body segments with a waistline closer to the head than the tail.
  • Ants: An ant has 3 distinct body segments with two waistlines nearly equidistant from each other.



  • Termites: Termite swarmer wings are very long and narrow, extending a body length beyond the back of the abdomen.  As you can see in the picture  above, the wings of termites lay back very straight and parallel with the body.
  • Ants: Ant wings extend just slightly past the end of the body.  Also, their wings lie at a slight angle to the body, away from the body at the bottom.



If you see swarming activity in your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE Estimate.