New Jersey Fall Pest Invaders – Rodents


Rodents can often be a ‘year-round’ pest problem.  They can especially become a problem in the fall months. As we move toward the end of summer and into fall here are few things you need to know about mice and rodents in your home

Rodents are often heard scratching or moving in walls, ceilings, and attics at night or even during the day.

They can enter the home through openings as small as a dime and once in, they don’t typically leave on their own.

While elusive, they are very comfortable sharing our living spaces, eating our food and reproducing at an extremely quick rate!

Sanitation efforts in conjunction with rodent proofing provide the best solution to reduce or completely eliminate these conditions. Are you ready to Rodent Proof your home? Contact the professionals at RM Termite for a FREE Pest Estimate