New Jersey Bed Bug Awareness

In honor of Bed Bug Awareness Week, June 7th – 13th – we will count down five important facts you should know about many people’s least favorite pest, the bed bug.

1. Bed bugs can happen to anyone.

Bed bugs don’t discriminate, they’ve been found in homes of all different people in different areas. Dirty, unsanitary homes aren’t the only ones at risk. Keeping your home clean doesn’t eliminate the risk of bed bugs whatsoever, but reducing clutter will give them less places to hide.

2. They CAN be seen with the naked eye.

Though very small, bed bugs aren’t some microscopic creature only made known by their effects. While a magnifying glass will help identify them, they are visible if looked for correctly. With most coming in at around the size of a poppy seed, anyone should be able to locate them.

3. Beds aren’t the only place you’ll find bed bugs.

Though beds are thought to be the most common residence of bed bugs, they are actually found in other similar places as well. Couches, Chairs, and areas around them are just as much threatened by bed bugs.

4. Bed bugs don’t carry diseases.

Outside of a possible allergic reaction to their bite, bed bugs are not usually seriously harmful to our bodies. Their bites will of course be a nuisance and cause itchiness, but don’t directly carry any serious health risks.

5. There are a few tell-tale signs of their presence.

Bed bugs are most easily noted by actually seeing them, but there are a few signs that can tip you off to their presence in your home. Bite marks on your face, arms, hands, neck, or really anywhere else on your body are a typical sign, though they often don’t develop immediately. Other ways to identify them include small blood spots on the mattress or a slightly sweet, musty odor nearby.

Bed bugs can cause great damage to your belongings and plenty of discomfort for you and your family if left untreated.

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